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LA RouteArt solves the planning and scheduling problems in multilevel crossdock operations. LA is targeting primarily cargo&courier, 3PL companies as they widely enjoy the crossdock facilities in transportation operations in big geographies.

In logistics, most companies utilize cross dock centers in transportation to facilitate distribution and transportation and also maximum resource utilization. In many instances, an order stops by in multiple cross dock centers until it is delivered to final location. The need to plan all transportation operation in a multilevel network is the criteria to enjoy the cost control and the enchanced customer service.


RouteArt is the answer to the complexity of multi level cross dock route planning.This kind of transportation network or the need to plan the operations is not specific to any geography or country hence it is the common structure globally . That is the main criteria of introducing routeart in the global market where there are a handful number of solution vendors to solve multilevel route planning . RouteArt is able to solve the planning and scheduling problems in multilevel crossdock operations regardles of the geopraphy.


RouteArt finds the answer to belov sample questions as to many others in transportation planning;
How do we plan dynamic and fixed routes in a multi level cross dock network?
How do we maximize capacity utilization of cross dock centers?
How do we achieve the best consolidation of orders at cross dock centers?
How do we minimize empty routes
And RouteArt has the ability to use different algorithms for different objectives such as; Min Total Distance Tra velled, Min Total Duration Of Routes, Min Number Of Vehicles, Min Volume of Vehicles, Max Vehicle Volume Utilization, Max Vehicle Time Utilization, Max Profit From Order, Max Service Level.


On the Other Hand, the customer case my require use of multiple subcontractors with different contracts .RouteArt also finds the ansver to “which carrier should be used”, “how do I balance the revenue of the subcontractors”, “how do ı pay the least amount to subcontractors according to contract” etc...


RouteArt create master pieces of your routes…

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