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Getron Advisor

Demand Forecasting and Optimization System


Getron Advisor is a decision support system targeting at demand forecasting and optimization problems. It is an artificial intelligence application based on fuzzy logic and global optimization algorithms and can work on big data.

Getron Advisor is our specialized Decision Support Systems software, developed to solve sophisticated demand forecast and optimization problems. It can be defined as an artificial intelligence application, which is based on fuzzy logic and global optimization algorithms and can work on big data. Getron Advisor is developed by our R&D team with the support of TÜBİTAK funding. Its most powerful feature is the learning algorithm, which assures more correct estimations with use.

Main Functions:
Fuzzy logic based
Learning demand forecast algorithm
Work on big data with high performance
Scalable distributed architecture
Seasonal and relational event analysis
Makes inference for similar situations with Getron similarity algorithm
Fields of application:
Stock cover analysis and target oriented stock cover optimization
Stock planning based on demand forecast
First order planning
Re-production (RPT) and campaign/discount suggestions
Replenishment, distribution and transfer decisions
PLC – Product Life Cycle analysis and reports
New product demand analysis
Seasonality and trend analysis
Special day effect analysis and reports (father’s day, new year, Eid al-Adha, fashion week, Valentine’s day, etc.)
Exceptional day effect analysis and reports (store modification, opening, etc.)
Assortment- segmentation organization
Lost sale effect
Price effect
Product performance estimation and analysis


Differences from the classical systems:
IaaS, SaaS and consultancy options
Cloud base architecture
Adaptive and self-learning
Based on fuzzy logic and global optimization algorithms
Segmentation based, work in any depth
Work with high number of products and big data size

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